Report On A Road Accident -

To                                                                        8th.May.2019
The Editor
The 'Times Of India'

Title: Report on a road accident.

      A terrible road accident took place at NH chowk, Takatpur, Baripada near about 6 PM, yesterday. It occurred between a truck (OD-02BL-7978) and a Hero Splender bike (OD-09K-4354)  

       The truck was coming from Balasore. The bike was on the opposite. The truck driver was drunk. He could't control his vehicle. As a result, the truck rolled on its right side and hit the bike. The bike rider passed away on the spot. He was taken to the hospital and the doctor declared him dead. According to the investigation, he was Harish Chandra Das (23) from Kuliana. But, the truck driver fled away from the spot.

        The angry people blocked the road by burning tires. Some of them started to brake the truck. The police came in time and cooled down the situation. They seized the truck and sued (field a case) against the owner of the truck. 

Dibyajyoti Jena
Staff Reporter 
Baripada Zone    


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