Essay on "Mother's Day" (500 words) -

Mother with baby

"God couldn't be everywhere. Therefore, he made mothers." - Rudyard Kipling 


Parents are among the most important persons in one's life. They play key role in one's life. From birth, children rely on mothers and fathers in every part of their life. Parents are the real God and our first teachers who bring us to the right path to lighten our life. Life without parental support is like disaster. But, mother is the most important person who understands her children better than everyone. From here, we can imagine the importance of mother. 

Importance of Mother:

Mother is the creation and gift of God who is unique and unalterable. The word mother itself is emblematic to God.So, mother has a special place in the hearts of her kids. She looks after her children in the every moment, which is really unforgettable. She is a person who can't tolerate the sad moment of her kids. She laughs when we are happy and she becomes sad when we weep. She is the only person in the world who never wants to stay far from us. She is the most respected and lovable person in one's heart. So, Mother's day is a day which is observed give her honour and to revere her motherhood. 

Importance of Mother's day:

To imagine the significance of mother and to enhance her respect, Mother's day is celebrated on second Sunday in the month of May, every year. Its a special day to both kids and mothers. Its a day, when we try our best to keep our mothers happy. On this day, we promise our mother that we will never make her sad. On this day, we should also promise to obey her and do our works properly.        

Mother's day is celebrated in many schools which gives us a great time to show love to mother. Mothers are invited to the schools to make them feel honoured for whatever they perform in a child's life as a mother.  This auspicious day brings a lot of happiness and joyfulness. Kids bring varieties of presents for their mothers. Children get together and perform various activities to see smile in the face of their mothers. This day, reminds people the courage and strength of a mother.  

In some schools, this day is given more importance and is celebrated with great enthusiasm. There, it is considered as a more special day and mothers are requested to perform various kinds of activities such as dancing, singing, acting etc. to reveal their talent in extra curricular activities. Children also learn some poems, speeches etc. for the celebration.   


Mother shapes the character of her children. She leaves no stone unturned for the good of her kids. She does all as much as she can. She has a lot of responsibility in her life for her family. and she does everything for that without getting tired.  So, we should never forget the importance of a mother. We have to try our best to achieve success to see a better smile in our mother's face. 


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