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essay on television boon or bane

"TV is bigger than any story it reports. It's the greatest teaching tool since the printing press."
Fred W. Friendly


For over 100 years, engineers and scientists invented a lot of model useful machines, and television was one of them. People have considered it as a gift to the human being by the engineers and scientists. Television has become an important part of people's life as a source of information and entertainment and a great tool for learning and communication.

Use of Television:    

Television shows people to see what is going on around them by giving current news, weather reports, sporting events, or information about places and criminals around the world. Television also feeds people information and knowledge without going anywhere. There are programs, such as education, history, travel, or discovery that people can learn about places, cultures, and histories of other countries or learn about the world of wild animals. Moreover, watching television can help people improve their English, such as listening skills, vocabulary, or the way American people talk.

Invention of Television:

Television was introduced in India on an experimental basis in Delhi on 15th September, 1959. Now-a-days more than 800 numbers of Government and private channels in India, which are functioning not only for entertainment but for news, culture, education, exploration, live telecast of games and sports etc. Once it was an age of radio which was introduced for information sharing and entertainment which was only audible. But later, the black and white television was developed with audio and visual system and with the rise in technology, the colour television was also developed and now it’s the age of android and sensor based television with many more facilities for the human comfort.

Television is one of the greatest miracles of science which was invented by J.L. Baird. Television has great educative value for school and college students. It is a boon for a developing country like India. Television programs telecast under the National Network can reach out to the people living in the farthest and remotest parts of the country. We can see films and dramas on television. We can hear talks given by politicians, scientists, scholars, film stars, poets, writers, artists, musicians and other eminent persons. Television enlarges the frontiers of our knowledge.

Other Advantages of Television:

Another advantage of television is that it helps to focus the attention of the people on social and political evils prevailing in society. Some of these evils are untouchability, dowry, drinking, gambling, drug addiction, etc. It can exhort the people to root out these evils.
Television also comes in handy to popularize Government policies and programs like family welfare, tree plantation, adult education, etc. Television serves as a link between the Government and the people. Sports lovers are able to watch sports events of national and international importance on their T. V. So television has an immense and incomparable value to our society and nation.

Abuses of Television & Conclusion:

Television has a great value in the world today. But the excessive use of television is not good for health. It affects our eyes and brain. So the extreme use of television is not advisable. So, television is also known as idiot-box due to its harmful effects. Now it is seen that, most of the people are engaged in watching television instead of doing physical works, which develops the idleness. Nowadays, the children are so busy in watching cartoons in television that, they are going dull day by day and their interest in studies is declining. So, the punctuality is required in every field of our life. Television is for education, entertainment and also for getting informed about various news, but we should never be involved in television for a long duration of time as it is only a cause of wastage of time, nothing else. So, there are both boons and curses of television. If we use television in good way, then we can enjoy its boons, but if we use it excessively, it is harmful to us.     

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