Essay on "Impact of Internet in our Daily Life" for students (600 words) -

essay on internet

" The internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow. " -  Bill Gates 

Introduction :

Internet !!! “THE INDRAJAAL” is a network of networks which connects computers worldwide through the standardized communication protocols (like TCP/IP) using which we can access information at any computer. In simple language, internet is one such medium that allows any person to access the world. It is one such powerful and wonderful weapon with which one can do almost everything. There is internet for everything from shopping, to do homework, to order food, to access banking facilities, to book tickets, to purchase insurance; everything can be done in just one click. In fact, today internet has such a major impact on everybody that one totally becomes handicapped if he/she is unable to access it even for a day. I think internet is no less than a drug which has made everyone addicted to it.

Teenagers Affected By Internet and Social Networks :

Internet has its own pros and cons, it can be very helpful to us and at the same time it can be used to destroy/harm someone also. Internet has given rise to cyber crime of which mostly teenagers and youngsters become the victim. But Internet is not bad in all sense as it gives us the access to the world. With internet one can see and talk to the person in the other corner of the world. Internet is now our lifeline and it is very difficult to imagine our life without it.

Internet as a Communication Tool :

At first, internet is a source of information. Internet is a big hand of today’s success of the people. It is one of the largest sector and contributor to the economy and generates a huge number of jobs. Internet has a great impact on everybody’s life. From a child to an old age person, internet has an impact on all of their lives. Apps like WhatsApp and Facebook are the most famous and socially acceptable form of internet and most used also. Internet allows us to know what's happening in the world and gives us the access to it. We can send e-mail or use chat rooms to contact with person who physically is thousand kilometers away. But to majority of users, internet is source of only entertainment. Internet if used in the correct and careful manner then it is the most powerful and useful thing one can have.

Other Advantages of Internet :

Moreover, free software as well as free music is available on the Internet, which again attracts us. Internet has changed our lives in every manner and there is no doubt about it. There are tons of advantages of the Internet that shows us the importance of this new and useful medium. The present scenario, online shopping is essential for each and everyone from where cashless transaction is available with transparent taxation system. The internet system has made the world compact. We do no longer need to run after information, rather information arrive at our home on the screen of computer Now all the fields of daily human life have been touched by internet .  The screen becomes a prototype of the world. But it comes with a lot of disadvantages also, and if we are able to overcome those disadvantages then Internet can be the best thing ever.

The spyware, malware and the virus can harm our computer and can destroy the valuable data and hack valuable information from the computer. Misuse of Facebook and WhatsApp and other social medias has strayed away the good students from good thinking for which they become succumbed to antisocial activities.

Conclusion :

Hence, internet is like a double edged sword. If we misuse it, the result will be catastrophic. Despite disadvantages, internet is of paramount importance in the 21st century. It paves the way for widening our knowledge. So, internet was introduced for the good of human beings and we should only use it for our development and to improve our knowledge. But, excessive use of internet is also not good as it affects our eyes and it has destroyed the creative ideas of people and made us lazy. So we should be very careful about it and should always try to use internet in good way.  

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