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essay on mobile phones and its help for the Indian Farmers

Agriculture and the Indian farmers are the backbone of Indian economy . To feed the 121 crore people and for their substantive, the Indian farmers play key role in the world today. But to help them in the age of science for their good income and to raise their standard the role of mobile phone is really amazing. With rise in penetration of mobile network and mobile phones in rural areas, Government doesn’t want to miss the opportunity of reaching the last mile farmer through SMS and phone calls.  
    Usage of mobile phones and the farmers’ apps are helpful to know about the procedure of agriculture and the various farming, the market price of various agricultural products, subsidies available for them, loan facilities, procedure of ploughing, sowing, testing of soil etc.  
Examples of Farmers’ apps :
 (1) mKrishi: Developed by Tata Consultancy Services, provides on-phone suggestions about, which crops best for which soil, seasonal info, diseases spreading for crops, best time for harvesting etc. It helps farmers to be get good information with scientific reasoning behind them.
(2) Kisan Suvidha: Launched by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2016 to work towards empowerment of farmers and development of villages. It provides information on current weather and also forecast for next five days, market process of commodities/crops in the nearest town, knowledge on fertilizers, seeds, machineries etc. The option to use the app in different languages makes it more widely accessible.
(3) Pusa Krishi: This app was launched in 2016 by the Union Agriculture Minister and aims to help farmers to get information about technologies developed by Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI), which will help in increasing returns to farmers. The app also provides farmers with information related to new verities of crops developed by Indian Council Of Agriculture Research (ICAR)
    Government of India has taken various measures to help the Indian farmers through mobile phones in time. The Govt. has inaugurated various projects such as “Kisan Call Centre” and “Soil Health Card” to help the farmers.   
    In order to harness the potential of ICT in agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture launched the scheme “Kisan Call Centre” in 2004. Main aim of this project is to answer farmer’s queries on a telephone call in their own dialect. Like this, the Soil Health Card is a Government of India’s scheme promoted by the Department of Agriculture and Co-Operation. Once a farmer gets his Soil Health Card attached with mobile number, he regularly gets updates customized for his farmland.  
    E-agriculture is a new area emerging out of convergence of IT and farming techniques and mobile phone is one of the components of set of IT tools. Because, previously  agriculture solely dependent on T.V. and radio medium for extension and information programmes, but lack of electricity and weak signal penetration devoid farmers from precious information. Now, mobile phones changed the whole scenario, and farmers can easily contact their district or tehsil agricultural officials, reach out buyers and share knowledge with distant farmers without wasting their day in travelling.
    Mobiles can help farmers improve agricultural productivity by giving them access to basic financial services, new agricultural techniques and new markets, in turn helping them to secure better prices for crops and a better return on investments. As their income improves with each harvest, they can invest in better seeds, fertiliser and chemicals.

    Hence, Mobile phones is great medium for govt to reach farmers, also it reduces cost of providing facilities service. Mobile Phone has a key role in various activities including Agriculture . It has equipped the Farmers and researcher to form the linkage between them thus technological penetration enabling "lab to farm". Such way of communication will be helpful for farmers and will enhance the Agriculture share in Gross Domestic Product.

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